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Build and customize your farm. Join a community of epic scientists. Automate tasks, program robots and race drones. Will you be able to maximize the productivity of your farm without harming the environment?

Early AccessMar 16, 2020
Release DateAug 15, 2022
Price$ 3.99  Bottom 30%
Steam Rating (Steam Purchases / All)75% (mostly positive) / 78.3%
Steam DB Rating (Steam Purchases / All)67.4% / 70.4%
Reviews (Steam Purchases / All)52  / 69
Curators25 reviews  Top 25%
Median Play Time6 hours  Top 30%
Play Time per Dollar1.5 hour  Top 15%
Followers1.3K  Top 30%
Owners± 4.6K 
Copies Sold± 2.6K 
Gross Revenue ($)± 23K 

Rating and Reviews (Monthly)

Chart showing the monthly evolution of WoMen in Science steam rating, positive and negative reviews.

Here you can see WoMen in Science's Steam rating and reviews between March 2020 and December 2023. Steam's rating oscillates between 84.6% (August 2020) and 74.2% (March 2021).

With 69 reviews, WoMen in Science might be a minor indie success if it was made quickly. The August 2022 peak suggests that there was a major update or discount.

Review Languages

Donut graph showing review languages for WoMen in Science and the proportion of players they represent.

This doughnut graph shows WoMen in Science's reviewers languages. The most popular language is English (55%), followed by German (16%). The player's languages are well diversified, with 10 different languages appearing in the reviews. The game is available in 5 languages. Unless the game has a lot of dialogues, translating is usually not a lot of work compared to completing a game, therefore adding more translations is generally recommended.

Time Played

Chart displaying WoMen in Science percentiles of time played for positive, negative, and early access reviews.

This chart displays the time players have spent in WoMen in Science, showing a comparison between positive and negative reviews. The reviews during the game's time in Early Access are visible too. The time played is adequate, reaching 15 hours in the 80th percentile.

The negative reviews play time is 14 times lower than the positive reviews median play time. When the negative review time is low (median : 33 minutes), it can be a sign that the game crashes on some systems or that players misunderstood the nature of the game (Does the Steam page clearly explain it, with gifs and a gameplay video ?). It can also mean that some players were somehow offended by WoMen in Science and decided to review it and get a refund under 2 hours. The Players' feedback section might help understanding the issue.

Players' Feedback

Game's StrengthsGame's Weaknesses
  • Charming visual and sound design
  • Variety of things to do and build
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Relaxing gameplay
  • Lots of science references and jokes
  • Interesting science trivia
  • Representation of marginalized groups
  • Satisfying puzzle mini-game
  • Exploring areas and finding secrets
  • Fair price for what you get
  • Technical issues with placing potted plants
  • One chicken got stuck
  • Not truly full controller support
  • No overall story
  • End goals only for achievements
  • Title reinforces gender binary
  • Some typos
  • Not directly teaching science concepts
  • Grown-up topics might need prior discussion
  • No multiplayer mode

It's important to understand that this list of positives and negatives is not an unbiased evaluation of the game. Its purpose is to support developers in understanding what their players want. The game's rating of 75% should be taken into account when assessing them.

Please take this list with a grain of salt, as this is an AI generated list based on a small sample of WoMen in Science's review data provided by Steam. Moreover, be aware that problems aren't always meant to be solved. Communicating clearly and managing the player's expectations is important too!

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