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Moondrop Header Image
Moondrop Header Image

Moondrop is a cozy farming roguelite. Build a farm on a shifting mountain. Find treasure in its hidden trails. Use your skill at farming and alchemy to hold off the vanishing mists. When they inevitably arrive, retreat and rebuild the village to upgrade your next farm. Can you reach the summit?

Early AccessAug 12, 2022
Release DateJul 28, 2023
Price$ 14.99  Top 15%
Steam Rating (Steam Purchases / All)91.7% (positive) Top 20% / 92.6%  Top 15%
Steam DB Rating (Steam Purchases / All)75.9% / 77%  Top 30%
Reviews (Steam Purchases / All)24  Bottom 30% / 27  Bottom 30%
Curators10 reviews
Median Play Time4 hours
Play Time per Dollar24 minutes
Owners± 729  Bottom 25%
Copies Sold± 648  Bottom 30%
Gross Revenue ($)± 5.6K 

Rating and Reviews (Monthly)

Chart showing the monthly evolution of Moondrop steam rating, positive and negative reviews.

This graph shows Moondrop's Steam rating and reviews between August 2022 and November 2023. Steam's rating is varying from 100% (November 2022) to 92.3% (October 2023).

With 27 reviews Bottom 35%, Moondrop could be a success for a hobbyist, or a small indie success if it didn't take too long to produce.

Review Languages

Donut graph showing review languages for Moondrop and the proportion of players they represent.

This donut chart displays the languages of Moondrop's reviewers. The most popular language is English (96%), followed by Portuguese - Brazil (4%). There is not much diversity in the review languages, with only 2 languages represented. The game has been translated in only one language (English), it's always good to have more translations to access other markets.

Time Played

Chart displaying Moondrop percentiles of time played for positive, negative, and early access reviews.

This chart displays the time played in Moondrop for positive reviews. (The number of negative reviews was not significant.) It also shows the reviews during Early Access. The time played is decent, reaching 11 hours in the 80th percentile.

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