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Potion Permit Header Image

Moonbury's residents need healing, and you're the best chemist around! With your trusty tools, a brewing cauldron, and a canine companion at your side, you'll need to diagnose symptoms, gather ingredients, brew potions, and cure ailments in this open-ended sim RPG.

Release DateSep 22, 2022
Price$ 19.99  Top 10%
Steam Rating (Steam Purchases / All)79.2% (mostly positive) / 79.6%
Steam DB Rating (Steam Purchases / All)76.5% Top 30% / 77.1%  Top 30%
Reviews (Steam Purchases / All)2.9K  Top 10% / 3.6K  Top 10%
Curators103 reviews  Top 5%
Median Play Time22.4 hours  Top 10%
Play Time per Dollar1.1 hour  Top 20%
Followers43.4K  Top 3%
Owners± 186.8K  Top 15%
Copies Sold± 154.9K  Top 10%
Gross Revenue ($)± 2.3M  Top 5%

Rating and Reviews (Monthly)

Chart showing the monthly evolution of Potion Permit steam rating, positive and negative reviews.

This graph shows Potion Permit's Steam rating and reviews between September 2022 and December 2023. Steam's rating oscillates between 72.8% (September 2022) and 79.7% (March 2023).

The 3.6K reviews Top 10% suggest that Potion Permit is an AAA level success. The chart suggests a long tail distribution, which could mean that the game was promoted at laucnch but that there were no more marketing, update or major discounts after that point.

Review Languages

Donut graph showing review languages for Potion Permit and the proportion of players they represent.

This donut chart displays the languages of Potion Permit's reviewers. The most popular language is English (56%), followed by Portuguese - Brazil (7%). There is a healthy diversity in the review languages, with 24 different languages represented. The game has been translated in 9 languages.

Time Played

Chart displaying Potion Permit percentiles of time played for positive, negative, and early access reviews.

This chart displays the time players have spent in Potion Permit, showing a comparison between positive and negative reviews. The time in game is excellent, with 36 hours in the 80th percentile.

The median play time for the negative reviews is 1.6 times less than the median for positive reviews. The negative review time is high (median is 15 hours), it can be a sign that Potion Permit crashes after a while or becomes too repetitive or difficult towards the end. You could check if there is an explanation in the Players' feedback section.

Players' Feedback

Game's StrengthsGame's Weaknesses
  • Varied NPCs
  • Fun resources
  • Dog doubles as a search engine
  • Pixel art is good
  • Potion crafting system uses Tetris pieces
  • Relaxing OST
  • Many things to upgrade
  • Interesting monster designs
  • Town flourishes visually
  • NPCs each have unique stories and events
  • Gametime is padded with roadblocks
  • Grindy resource system
  • NPC events trigger in inaccessible areas
  • Very few romance options
  • No marriage
  • Clinic mechanic is not well-developed
  • Little challenge in the game
  • Repetitive town hall requests
  • Bugs with furniture purchasing
  • No replay value or postgame content

The intention behind these pros & cons isn't to establish a balanced evaluation of the game, but rather to assist developers in identifying enhancement opportunities. The game's score of 79.2% should be considered while evaluating them.

Please take this list with a grain of salt, as this is an AI generated list based on a small sample of Potion Permit's review data provided by Steam. Moreover, be aware that problems aren't always meant to be solved. Communicating clearly and managing the player's expectations is important too!

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