Welcome to SteamData.Ninja

This humble website gives you access to data about 97.2K steam games, 118K publishers and game developers, 34.2M players and 108.8M reviews. It all comes from public data sources, mostly Steam itself, sometimes processed with statistical methods or AI models. While I work hard to give accurate results, keep in mind that this is all very experimental and that there is no guarantee that the data is either accurate or complete.

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Using the database:

  • Type the name of a game, developer, publisher, genre, feature or tag.

Examples: "Civilization", "Stardew Valley", "Massively Multiplayer", "Ubisoft", "Danish", ...

  • Search your games or those of your competitors and look at the strength and weaknesses section : how can you make your players happier ?
  • Is a tag or game genre getting more popular ? Is it associtated with games that receive more reviews (as a proxy for sales) than the average ?
  • Is translating a game in a specific language associated with more positive reviews, or less ?


  • Automate the collection of fresh data (new games released, reviews, etc)
  • Add owners and sales estimates
  • Better data tables : sortable, searchable, export to csv/json, ...
  • Tools to help with Indie marketing
  • Extract new data : effect of different Steam tags/categories/genres on the price of a game, correlation between median playtime and price, statistics by country/region, ...
  • Collect new data : followers, current players, mentions in websites and social networks, ...
  • Generate full reports with all information available for market analysis, etc.
  • Use AI to extract new information, p.ex deduce the game's art style from screen captures, presence of text on the logos, etc.

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