While I work hard to show accurate results, please keep in mind that this is all still very expermimental and that there is no guarantee that the data is either accurate or complete.

The site also uses AI to analyze reviews for example, but Large Language Models like OpenAI's ChatGPT are know to sometimes "hallucinate" (invent fake answers). I made hundreds of verifications to ensure that the results presented are in line with the reviews analyzed, but that is still a very small subset of the database.

Data Sources:

Most of the data (about 150 GB so far) comes directly from the Steam API. I use Sergey Galyonkin's SteamSpy API and his work regarding the 2018 steam leak too.

Gamalytics.com made an excellent work estimating games sales by multiple methods, and thanks to their API it is now included in our game pages.

I'm also using some data from Kaggle, Metacritic, Youtube, Reddit, Twitter and numerous websites. (Some of the data is not shown yet, some is only used for research.)

Privacy Policy:

Google Analytics is used to collect statistics about how this website is used. Google's privacy policy is available at: https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/.