ShadowInk Designs - Steam Game Publisher

Games published3  Top 10%
First GameDuel Jousting (Nov 15, 2017)
Latest GameDuel Jousting VR (May 18, 2022)
Copies Sold (Total)306
Copies Sold (Per Game)102  Bottom 35%
Gross Revenue (Total)1.8K
Gross Revenue (Per Game)589
Reviews (Steam Purchases / Total)12  / 13
Partner Developer

ShadowInk Designs's Game Genres

Donut graph showing ShadowInk Designs games genres for games they published.

This doughnut chart shows ShadowInk Designs's game genres. Bear in mind that one game often has more than one genre, which means that the total can be higher than the number of games published.

ShadowInk Designs specializes in publishing Action genre games, and has been a Steam publisher for approximately 6 years (2017 - 2022).

They published 3 games, none of which is free. Their games average price is 9.99$.

ShadowInk Designs's Review Languages

Donut graph showing review languages for ShadowInk Designs published games, giving an estimate of their players origins.

This graph shows reviewers languages for all of ShadowInk Designs's games. It uses 13 reviews collected from their 3 games Top 10%.

100% of the reviews are in english. The strong concentration in the English language suggests that ShadowInk Designs could benefit from diversifying the translations of their games. Marketing their games to non-English audiences is also very important.

PriceRatingRelease Date
Duel Jousting Logo
Duel Jousting Logo
Duel Jousting
Dragon Jousting in 2.5D. Become the best Dragon Jouster as you level up, progress through stages, and show your might in the arena!
4.99N/ANov 15, 2017
Crescent Hollow Logo
Crescent Hollow Logo
Crescent Hollow
"As above, so below, discover the mysteries of the hollow". Step into the world of Anthropia. Will you help the empires of the world, or destroy them? 4 different classes with unique stories, & 12+ party units to summon at the barracks. (Build an Empire, Custom Party, Deep character stories)
14.99N/AJul 10, 2018
Duel Jousting VR Logo
Duel Jousting VR Logo
Duel Jousting VR
Duel Jousting VR - Fast paced Dragon Jousting in multiple maps and game modes. Use an arsenal of up to 7 weapons to crush your enemies. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate Dragon Jouster in VR?
9.99N/AMay 18, 2022