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HARVESTELLA, an all-new life-simulation RPG from SQUARE ENIX! Lead a life of self-sufficiency with your vibrant house as a base and cooperate with allies to overcome various threats.

Release DateNov 4, 2022
Price$ 59.99  Top 1%
Steam Rating (Steam Purchases / All)78.3% (mostly positive) / 78.2%
Steam DB Rating (Steam Purchases / All)75.2% / 75.3%
Reviews (Steam Purchases / All)1.6K  Top 10% / 1.9K  Top 10%
Curators68 reviews  Top 10%
Median Play Time49.5 hours  Top 2%
Play Time per Dollar50 minutes  Top 30%
Followers32.9K  Top 4%
Owners± 75.9K  Top 20%
Copies Sold± 61.9K  Top 15%
Gross Revenue ($)± 2.5M  Top 5%

Rating and Reviews (Monthly)

Chart showing the monthly evolution of HARVESTELLA steam rating, positive and negative reviews.

This chart shows HARVESTELLA's Steam rating and reviews from November 2022 to December 2023. Steam's rating oscillates between 79.4% (December 2022) and 78.2% (December 2023), with only very small variations.

With 1.9K reviews Top 10%, HARVESTELLA could be an indie success or even a small AAA success. The chart looks like a long tail distribution, which sometimes means that the marketing was concentrated on the game launch and then stopped, and that no major update or discounts followed.

Review Languages

Donut graph showing review languages for HARVESTELLA and the proportion of players they represent.

This doughnut graph shows HARVESTELLA's reviewers languages. The most popular language is English (69%), followed by Japanese (9%). There is a nice diversity in the reviews, with 21 languages represented. The game has been translated in 8 languages.

Time Played

Chart displaying HARVESTELLA percentiles of time played for positive, negative, and early access reviews.

This chart displays the time players have spent in HARVESTELLA, comparing positive and negative reviews. The time played is great, reaching 91 hours in the 80th percentile.

The median play time for the negative reviews is 8.5 times less than the median for positive reviews. Some players have left a negative review after playing a significant amount of time (46 hours in the 80th percentile) which could mean that a part of HARVESTELLA's fanbase was unhappy about an update and review bombed the game. The Players' feedback section might help understanding the issue.

Players' Feedback

Game's StrengthsGame's Weaknesses
  • JRPG with farming sim
  • story-based JRPG quests
  • quick but relatively deep gameplay
  • rewards for quests are relevant and useful
  • good variety of places to visit
  • graphics are superior to similar games
  • good build-up similar to most JRPGs
  • well-written moments
  • solid fine game
  • interesting story
  • disappointing for some
  • certain QOL elements and gameplay features missing
  • only key people for relationship building
  • very small initial field
  • some side stories giving bad messages
  • illusion of choice
  • no ultrawide support
  • fishing is mediocre
  • not all side quests are entertaining
  • combat and skill systems are a complete joke

These advantages and disadvantages are not meant to provide a fair assessment of the game, but to help developers identify potential improvements. The game's 78.3% rating should be factored in during their evaluation.

Please take this list with a grain of salt, as this is an AI generated list based on a small sample of HARVESTELLA's review data provided by Steam. Additionally, remember that not all issues need to be fixed, sometimes the best approach is to communicate better to manage the player's expectations.

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