PixelHeart - Steam Game Publisher

Games published6  Top 3% (+ 4 not released yet)
First GameWallachia: Reign of Dracula (Feb 28, 2020)
Latest GameVISCO Collection (To be announced)
Copies Sold (Total)10.2K  Top 20%
Copies Sold (Per Game)1.7K
Gross Revenue (Total)91K  Top 15%
Gross Revenue (Per Game)15.2K  Top 25%
Average Steam Rating76.96%
Reviews (Steam Purchases / Total)271  Top 15% / 371  Top 15%
Average Play Time4.1 hours
Average Play Time per Dollar13 minutes  Bottom 25%

PixelHeart's Game Genres

Donut graph showing PixelHeart games genres for games they published.

This doughnut graph shows PixelHeart's game genres. Keep in mind that one game can have multiple genres, so the total is often higher than the number of games published.

PixelHeart is specialized in publishing Action genre games, and has been a Steam publisher for about 4 years (2020 - 2023). Their games average Steam rating is 76.9% (Worst rating : Golden Force with 54%, Best rating : Andro Dunos II with 96%).

They published 6 games, but no free game yet. They are preparing to publish 4 new games. The average price of their games is 15.49$ (Cheapest : Wallachia: Reign of Dracula at 9.99$, Most expensive : Andro Dunos II at 17.99$).

PixelHeart's Review Languages

Donut graph showing review languages for PixelHeart published games, giving an estimate of their players origins.

This graph displays Steam reviews languages accross all of PixelHeart's games. It was generated using 371 reviews Top 15% from their 6 games Top 3%.

The most popular language is English (55%), followed by Spanish - Spain (8%). There is a nice diversity in this publisher reviews, with 19 languages represented. The strong concentration in the English language signals that PixelHeart should add more translations to their games. Marketing their games to non-English audiences is also very important.

PriceRatingRelease Date
Wallachia: Reign of Dracula Logo
Wallachia: Reign of Dracula Logo
Wallachia: Reign of Dracula
Wallachia Reign of Dracula is a retro-styled action platformer/shooter game.
9.9973.7%Feb 28, 2020
Lords of Exile Logo
Lords of Exile Logo
Lords of Exile
Embark on a quest for revenge in Lords of Exile, an 8-bit side-scrolling action platformer set in the far Lands of Exilia. With classic retro mechanics and linear level design in 8-bit graphics.
N/AN/ATo be announced
Tanuki Justice Logo
Tanuki Justice Logo
Tanuki Justice
Tanuki Justice is an action-packed run 'n gun (but with shurikens) platformer. Take on the role of a cute yet ruthless raccoon and take out various foes charging you from every angle. Play alone or, for double the fun, invite a friend, for there are many challenges to overcome together!
14.9986.7%Apr 15, 2021
Golden Force Logo
Golden Force Logo
Golden Force
Golden Force is a retro-style action-platformer where you perform complex combos, slides, and dash attacks. Unlock new areas, collect throwable items, fight underwater, avoid spiky obstacles, and master each stage.
14.9954.2%Apr 22, 2021
Souno's Curse Logo
Souno's Curse Logo
Souno's Curse
Embark on a short and emotional journey through a cursed cave in this 2D hand-drawn platformer with action and metroidvania elements. Uncover a touching story about regrets and the value of living the moment
N/AN/AComing soon
Andro Dunos II Logo
Andro Dunos II Logo
Andro Dunos II
The sequel of the famous Shoot'em up from the Visco studio is back, 30 years after the first opus, released exclusively on Neo-Geo MVS and Neo-Geo AES in 1992 . It's time to bring out your good old battle ship in ANDRO DUNOS 2!
17.9996.8%Mar 25, 2022
Ganryu 2 Logo
Ganryu 2 Logo
Ganryu 2
Play as Miyamoto Musashi in this beautiful 2D platformer and travel through a 17th century fantasy Japan, from north to the island of Ganryu-jima where everything happened between Musashi and Kojiro. The game is inspired by the story of Takezo Musashi from the famous novel “The Stone And The Sword”.
17.9973.5%Apr 22, 2022
Chronicles of the Wolf Logo
Chronicles of the Wolf Logo
Chronicles of the Wolf
Step into the boots of Mateo Lombardo, an apprentice of the Rose Cross Order who finds himself the sole survivor of a viscous attack. The next chapter in the Migami Monsterverse growls through the trees. Are you brave enough to face it?
N/AN/AQ4 2023
Astebros Logo
Astebros Logo
Choose your hero among three different characters and go through procedural dungeons to eliminate your formidable opponents!
16.9993.8%May 30, 2023
VISCO Collection Logo
VISCO Collection Logo
VISCO Collection
With the VISCO Collection, you'll have the chance to relive the glory days of arcade gaming with these seven fantastic titles. Whether you're a fan of shooters, fighters, sports, or racing games, there's something here for everyone.
N/AN/ATo be announced