Splendortek - Steam Game Publisher

Games published4  Top 4%
First GameZorg The Typing Warrior (Jul 10, 2019)
Latest GameEye Of Plunder (Nov 5, 2019)
Copies Sold (Total)520
Copies Sold (Per Game)130
Gross Revenue (Total)298  Bottom 35%
Gross Revenue (Per Game)99  Bottom 25%
Average Steam Rating69.23%  Bottom 30%
Reviews (Steam Purchases / Total)19  / 21
Average Play Time18 minutes  Bottom 10%
Average Play Time per Dollar18 minutes  Bottom 35%
Partner Developer

Splendortek's Game Genres

Donut graph showing Splendortek games genres for games they published.

This doughnut graph shows Splendortek's game genres. Bear in mind that one game often has more than one genre, which means that the total can be higher than the number of games published.

Splendortek specializes in publishing Casual and Indie genre games, and has been a Steam publisher since 2019.

They published 4 games, but no free game yet. Their games average price is 0.99$.

Splendortek's Review Languages

Donut graph showing review languages for Splendortek published games, giving an estimate of their players origins.

This graph shows reviewers languages for all of Splendortek's games. It uses 21 reviews collected from their 4 games Top 4%.

The most popular language is English (90%), followed by Simplified Chinese (5%). The player's languages are not very diversified, with only 3 different languages appearing in this publisher reviews. The strong concentration in the English language signals that Splendortek should add more translations to their games. Marketing efforts towards non-English language medias could certainly help too.

PriceRatingRelease Date
Zorg The Typing Warrior Logo
Zorg The Typing Warrior Logo
Zorg The Typing Warrior
Meet Zorg, an out of it barbarian who loves loads of drinks and adventures. An indie game in which your ability to type fast is the best weapon to win.
0.9969.2%Jul 10, 2019
Sanitarium Rush Logo
Sanitarium Rush Logo
Sanitarium Rush
Try to escape from this Sanitarium as soon as possible! An art-puzzle game take pills to change the labyrinth, but be careful to not increase the psychotropic effects.
0.99N/AAug 9, 2019
Flint Logo
Flint Logo
Flint is a good bird, try to help your baby birds to survive the dangers of a bird's life, Flint is a game for kids where you need to overcome yourself and try to get the highest score.
0.99N/ASep 16, 2019
Eye Of Plunder Logo
Eye Of Plunder Logo
Eye Of Plunder
Eye Of Plunder is an arcade labyrinth style game where you can teleport to escape from enemies. Each level you complete the game becomes harder and more enemies appear. The levels are created randomly to make the adventure more fun.
0.99N/ANov 5, 2019