Sheer Studios - Steam Game Publisher

Games published7  Top 2%
First GameSeeker (Dec 31, 2018)
Latest GameLost Memories (Jan 1, 2023)
Copies Sold (Total)85.9K  Top 10%
Copies Sold (Per Game)12.3K  Top 15%
Gross Revenue (Total)1K
Gross Revenue (Per Game)255  Bottom 35%
Average Steam Rating86.67%
Reviews (Steam Purchases / Total)24  / 846  Top 10%
Average Play Time22 minutes  Bottom 10%
Average Play Time per Dollar19 minutes  Bottom 35%
Partner Developer

Sheer Studios's Game Genres

Donut graph showing Sheer Studios games genres for games they published.

This doughnut graph shows Sheer Studios's game genres. Bear in mind that one game often has more than one genre, which means that the total can be higher than the number of games published.

Sheer Studios is specialized in publishing Casual genre games, and has been a Steam publisher for almost 6 years (from 2018 to 2023).

They published 7 games, from which 3 are free. The average price of their games is 17.24$.

Sheer Studios's Review Languages

Donut graph showing review languages for Sheer Studios published games, giving an estimate of their players origins.

This graph shows reviewers languages for all of Sheer Studios's games. It was generated using 846 reviews Top 10% from their 7 games Top 2%.

The most popular language is Simplified Chinese (52%), followed by English (30%). There is a nice diversity in this publisher reviews, with 22 languages represented. The strong concentration in the Simplified Chinese language suggests that Sheer Studios could benefit from diversifying the translations of their games. Marketing efforts towards non-Simplified Chinese language medias could certainly help too.

PriceRatingRelease Date
Seeker Logo
Seeker Logo
Help Alfie find the the stars to get back home to his homeland. If you don't want to follow this short story you can explore this very beautiful island in search of my personal Easter eggs. these Easter eggs will be very hard to find but in the end it will be rewarding. Thank you for playing Seeker.
Free89.2%Dec 31, 2018
Prison Escape Logo
Prison Escape Logo
Prison Escape
It has been far too long since the last time the inmate has been outside of the prison walls. Now that he has a chance to escape and live a free life... What will happen when he gets to return home.
59.99N/AMar 13, 2019
Zombie Island Logo
Zombie Island Logo
Zombie Island
Can you clear the islands from the zombies that are lurking on them? Can you find out what caused this to happen... Can you find the easter eggs? Why not try it out...
Free65%Jan 1, 2020
Deadly Maze Logo
Deadly Maze Logo
Deadly Maze
Just an old school arcade shooter that isn't made to be taken seriously... Just have fun with friends or by yourself. This game is just here for enjoyment and not a hardcore grind. I hope you have fun with Deadly Maze
2.99N/AJan 1, 2021
Seeker 2 Logo
Seeker 2 Logo
Seeker 2
Help Alfie and Elfie in an all-new adventure.
0.9986.7%Jul 3, 2020
Tag Royale Logo
Tag Royale Logo
Tag Royale
A classic game of Tag with a battle royale twist. Everyone is your friend until they are IT. I hope you enjoy the views but be worried about those who are around you. They may betray you while using a power-up that can tag you and eliminate you from the game
Free45.8%Sep 3, 2021
Lost Memories Logo
Lost Memories Logo
Lost Memories
Lost Memories is a horror roguelike action-adventure where the player is to uncover a mystery.
4.99N/AJan 1, 2023