KirUn - Steam Game Publisher

Games published2  Top 10% (+ 1 not released yet)
First GameHade (Dec 2, 2016)
Latest GameSquarism (Nov 21, 2017)
Copies Sold (Total)22.2K  Top 15%
Copies Sold (Per Game)11.1K  Top 15%
Gross Revenue (Total)28.3K  Top 20%
Gross Revenue (Per Game)14.2K  Top 25%
Average Steam Rating89.97%  Top 25%
Reviews (Steam Purchases / Total)333  Top 15% / 373  Top 15%
Average Play Time3.2 hours
Average Play Time per Dollar53 minutes  Top 25%
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KirUn's Game Genres

Donut graph showing KirUn games genres for games they published.

This donut graph displays the genres of KirUn's published games. Bear in mind that Steam allows adding multiple genres to the same game, so the total is often higher than the number of games published.

KirUn is specialized in publishing Indie genre games, and has been a Steam publisher for about 9 years (2016 - 2024). The average Steam rating of their games is 89.9% (Worst rating : Hade with 88%, Best rating : Squarism with 91%).

They published 2 games, but no free game yet. They have 1 new game coming soon. Their games average price is 3.49$ (Lowest price : Squarism at 2.99$, Highest price : Hade at 3.99$).

KirUn's Review Languages

Donut graph showing review languages for KirUn published games, giving an estimate of their players origins.

This chart shows KirUn's review languages. It is based on 373 reviews Top 15% received by their 2 games Top 10%.

The most popular language is English (37%), followed by Simplified Chinese (21%). The player's languages are well diversified, with 23 different languages appearing in this publisher reviews.

PriceRatingRelease Date
Hade Logo
Hade Logo
Hade is a minimalist logic game with severely difficult puzzles softened by relaxing ambient music.
3.9988.5%Dec 2, 2016
Kaya Logo
Kaya Logo
Kaya is a colorful logic game with relaxing gameplay and beautiful ambient soundtrack.
N/AN/AComing soon
Squarism Logo
Squarism Logo
SQUARISM is a minimalist logic game about combining pieces scattered around into a perfect square. Complete all 70 lovely-crafted levels and become master of square assembling!
2.9991.5%Nov 21, 2017