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Lucie's Potager Header Image
Lucie's Potager Header Image

Farm and sell exotic plants with Lucie in this shopkeeping RPG!

Release DateFeb 15, 2023
Price$ 19.99  Top 10%
Reviews (Steam Purchases / All)3  Bottom 1% / 4  Bottom 1%
Curators4 reviews  Bottom 20%
Followers50  Bottom 10%
Owners± 23  Bottom 1%
Copies Sold± 17  Bottom 1%
Gross Revenue ($)± 272 

Rating and Reviews (Monthly)

Chart showing the monthly evolution of Lucie's Potager steam rating, positive and negative reviews.

Here you can see Lucie's Potager's Steam reviews between February 2023 and April 2023. (There weren't enough reviews to compute Steam's rating)

Sadly, with only 4 reviews Bottom 1%, Lucie's Potager has not accumulated the 10 reviews necessary to be actively promoted by Steam.

Review Languages

Donut graph showing review languages for Lucie's Potager and the proportion of players they represent.

This doughnut chart shows Lucie's Potager's review languages. 100% of the reviews are in English. The game has only one translation (English), it could have been more popular if it was translated in more languages.

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