Spiralvortexplay - Steam Game Publisher

Games published3  Top 10%
First GameUmichan Sorani (May 27, 2022)
Latest GameUmichan Two Scoops (Jan 13, 2023)
Copies Sold (Total)14.9K  Top 15%
Copies Sold (Per Game)5K  Top 25%
Gross Revenue (Total)191.6K  Top 10%
Gross Revenue (Per Game)63.9K  Top 15%
Average Steam Rating75.02%
Reviews (Steam Purchases / Total)317  Top 15% / 341  Top 20%
Average Play Time1.3 hour
Average Play Time per Dollar10 minutes  Bottom 20%
Partner Developer

Spiralvortexplay's Game Genres

Donut graph showing Spiralvortexplay games genres for games they published.

This donut chart displays the genres of Spiralvortexplay's published games. Keep in mind that one game can have multiple genres, so the total is often higher than the number of games published.

Spiralvortexplay is specialized in publishing Indie genre games, and has been a Steam publisher for almost 2 years (from 2022 to 2023). The average Steam rating of their games is 75% (Lowest rating : ARIA: Genesis with 65%, Highest rating : Umichan Sorani with 83%).

They published 3 games, none of which is free. Their games average price is 8.99$ (Cheapest : Umichan Two Scoops at 3.99$, Most expensive : ARIA: Genesis at 14.99$).

Spiralvortexplay's Review Languages

Donut graph showing review languages for Spiralvortexplay published games, giving an estimate of their players origins.

This graph displays Steam reviews languages accross all of Spiralvortexplay's games. It is based on 341 reviews Top 20% received by their 3 games Top 10%.

The most popular language is English (74%), followed by Simplified Chinese (8%). There is a nice diversity in this publisher reviews, with 16 languages represented. The strong concentration in the English language suggests that Spiralvortexplay could benefit from diversifying the translations of their games. Marketing their games to non-English audiences is also very important.

PriceRatingRelease Date
Umichan Sorani Logo
Umichan Sorani Logo
Umichan Sorani
Take the role of Zytra, a busty girl trying to get money for her sister. Will you help her get it the easy way? Or the sleazy way?
7.9983.3%May 27, 2022
ARIA: Genesis Logo
ARIA: Genesis Logo
ARIA: Genesis
Blast, bomb and bang you way to finding a cure that can save your boyfriend from dying. After all, how else will you be able to enjoy his di- I mean, his amazing personality for years to come?
14.9965.9%Feb 10, 2023
Umichan Two Scoops Logo
Umichan Two Scoops Logo
Umichan Two Scoops
Maiko and Pattie in a bind, their boss asked them to sell ice cream for cash at the beach but the boys are more interested in their hot bodies than cold deserts. It's your choice of what to sell!
3.9975.9%Jan 13, 2023