Hardware tag

Tag created in June 2017

Hardware's popularity amongst developers

Chart displaying the evolution the price of games tagged with Hardware over the years.

This graph shows games released over the years with the Hardware tag and the percentage they represent. The releases count conveys the quantity of games published on Steam each year. It usually follows the increasing amount of Steam games released.

The percentage, on the other hand, gives a better view of the trend a tag follows. It shows if, in proportion, the Hardware tag is getting more or less popular. The Review chart will tell us if this trend is a good thing (i.e. players interest is increasing, tag is undercrowded) or if it's the opposite.

The Hardware game tag peaked in 2022 with 5 games released. The popularity of the tag is in a range between 0.0044% in 2019 and 0.0009% in 2020.

Bear in mind that 2023 is not over yet. The number of releases will continue to increase, but the percentage is already a good estimate of things to come.

Hardware's popularity amongst players

Chart showing Hardware tag reviews over time (total, average and as a percentage of all games released on Steam).

On this chart, you can see the reviews for games associated with the Hardware tag, both as count and as a percentage of all Steam reviews, and the value for an average game. If the graph is hard to read, you can deactivate the review count and % of the average lines by clicking on the legend.

The review count gives a view of the sheer amount of reviews a tag receives, but it also follows the popularity of Steam itself. That is why the normalized value as a percentage of all Steam reviews is often more interesting, as it gives you the popularity trend for Hardware tag games.

A typical game associated with this tag collected on average between 115 (2015) and 1699 (2017) reviews. Bear in mind that it is the average, and it can be strongly influenced by extreme values, like the release of a very popular game with this tag.

The reviews per game as a percentage of the average show that games in the Hardware tag received between 26% (2015) and 513% (2017) reviews compared to other tags.

Positive reviews ratio for Hardware, per language

Chart showing the percentage of positive steam reviews for Hardware

This chart shows an aggregated Steam rating for all the Hardware tag games, classed by language. It helps estimate how different audiences judge a game with this tag. A lower rating doesn't always mean that the audience doesn't enjoy that particular tag, as some cultures tend to always give lower scores. But it will affect a game's rating nonetheless.

The best rating for Hardware games is 97% for the Finnish audience, and the worst is 76% for the Turkish audience.

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OrbRider Logo
OrbRider Logo
OrbRider makes indoor cycling fun! You ride and explore up to 7 different tracks and biomes as you take on multiple challenges, gather resources, and unlock new and undiscovered areas. Personal ANT+ USB hardware dongle and ANT+ enabled speed sensor or smart trainer equipment required.
14.99N/AMar 30, 2023
Last Farewell Logo
Last Farewell Logo
Last Farewell
Last Farewell is a Survival Co-op game where you are tasked to work together with others (or solo) in order to ensure your own survival for as long as possible. Gather supplies and craft during the day in order to protect yourself and the sanctuary, the Town Hall, during the night.
14.9973.6%Apr 19, 2022
PC Creator - PC Building Simulator Logo
PC Creator - PC Building Simulator Logo
PC Creator - PC Building Simulator
Try yourself as a PC builder and build your dream PC from 200+ real components!Complete different PC building and PC repair orders to upgrade your business: build a PC from zero, install popular OS', upgrade computers, install different programs and games, fix PC parts, and much more.
5.9972.3%Dec 14, 2021
WAVER: A Typing Adventure Logo
WAVER: A Typing Adventure Logo
WAVER: A Typing Adventure
WAVER is the world's greatest typing adventure game. Control a passionate crowd of 26 characters as they follow their favourite sports team around the world. Love your keyboard.
11.99N/AAug 20, 2021
Crypto Miner Tycoon Simulator Logo
Crypto Miner Tycoon Simulator Logo
Crypto Miner Tycoon Simulator
Build rigs to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency. Trade on the market to grow wealth. Expand your business into new offices. Hire skilled employees and assign tasks. Use cash from your mega farms to research new technologies and reach the goal of each scenario.
19.9987.6%Apr 21, 2022
PC Building Simulator Logo
PC Building Simulator Logo
PC Building Simulator
Build and grow your very own computer repair enterprise as you learn to diagnose, fix and build PCs. With real-world licensed components and comprehensive hardware and software simulation, you can plan and bring your ultimate PC to life.
19.9994.1%Jan 29, 2019
Hardware Engineers Logo
Hardware Engineers Logo
Hardware Engineers
Hardware Engineers is a simulation game where you have to manage a IT business. In a world where technology expands every day, you will need to learn how to be competitive.
14.9984.8%Apr 22, 2019
Make Me LAG Logo
Make Me LAG Logo
Make Me LAG
Make Me LAG is the first game that features a revolutionary new control scheme: your character actions are determined by the game frame count! Use external softwares and other tricks to lower the FPS count and control your character to defeat evil monsters and save the world!
Free92.9%Mar 14, 2020
Mawthorne Logo
Mawthorne Logo
Explore the ancient underground of this strange, alien world in this metroidvania platformer! Navigate your way through 9 different areas of the underground and encounter powerful bosses that make you stronger, open paths, or alter other areas of the world!
9.99N/AMay 25, 2022
Star Impact Logo
Star Impact Logo
Star Impact
Star Impact screams with nostalgic gaming fun! Classic Vibes √ Challenging Platforming Indie Gameplay √ 80s Synth Soundtrack √ Play as Interstellar Pilot Stella Striker. Similar to great classics like Mario, Sonic, and Super Donkey Kong.
4.99N/AMay 13, 2019
Evil Tag Logo
Evil Tag Logo
Evil Tag
Four teenagers have to pass the rite of student initiation. To do this, they must read a spell from the ancient book in the basement of the abandoned house and spend a night there. They thought it would be fun...
0.9967.5%Apr 7, 2017
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix+ Logo
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix+ Logo
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix+
Take center stage in Hatsune Miku’s premier rhythm game starring the world’s #1 virtual pop star! With a stunner setlist and enormous wardrobe to style, it’s Miku’s ultimate tour—all it needs is you.
39.3992.8%May 26, 2022
Tribe Explorer Logo
Tribe Explorer Logo
Tribe Explorer
TribeExplorer Is an Retro style 2D Platformer. Play as the Tribe Explorer and try to beat all the different levels littered with sweet platforming, enemies, gravity puzzles and more!
0.9980%Aug 24, 2022