Feature Film tag

Tag created in June 2017

Feature Film's popularity amongst developers

Chart displaying the evolution the price of games tagged with Feature Film over the years.

This graph shows games released over the years with the Feature Film tag and the percentage they represent. The number of releases gives an appreciation of the quantity of games published each year. It often tends to increase naturally, just like the total amount of Steam games released.

The percentage gives a better estimate of the tag's trend. It shows if the Feature Film tag is getting more or less popular amongst developers. The Review chart can let us know if this trend is a positive thing (i.e. players interest for the tag is growing) or a negative one (the tag is overcrowded).

The Feature Film tag has peaked in 2020, with 4 games released. The popularity of the tag is in a range between 0.03% in 2011 and 0.0006% in 2022.

Note that the chart ends in 2022, probably because no game was released in this tag after that.

Feature Film's popularity amongst players

Chart showing Feature Film tag reviews over time (total, average and as a percentage of all games released on Steam).

This graph displays the reviews for games associated with the Feature Film tag, both as count and as a percentage of all Steam reviews, and the value for an average game. If the chart is cluttered, you can always deactivate some lines by clicking on the legend.

While the review count clearly quantifies the reviews a tag receives, keep in mind that it also follows the popularity of Steam itself. The value normalized as a percentage of all Steam reviews is often more revealing, as it gives you the popularity trend for Feature Film tag games.

A typical game associated with this tag collected on average between 231 (2014) and 20 (2023) reviews. Bear in mind that it is the average, and it can be strongly influenced by extreme values, like the release of a very popular game with this tag.

The reviews per game as a percentage of the average show that games in the Feature Film tag received between 5% (2021) and 112% (2012) reviews compared to other tags.

Positive reviews ratio for Feature Film, per language

Chart showing the percentage of positive steam reviews for Feature Film

This graph shows an aggregated Steam rating for the whole Feature Film tag, separated by language. It helps estimate how different audiences judge a game with this tag. A lower rating doesn't necessarily mean that the audience doesn't like that tag. Some cultures have different standards and expectations. It will however affect a game's rating nonetheless.

The best rating for Feature Film games is 94% for the Spanish - Latin America audience, and the worst is 33% for the Finnish audience.

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